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Green or Blue poll

Should blue be the forums default colour to prevent confusion with wild camping?

  • Yes, blue should be the default.

    Votes: 71 70.3%
  • No, green should be the default.

    Votes: 30 29.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .



I find the blue a bit easier on the eyes but is it because it's different or because blue is a cool colour, I'm not sure but at the moment I would be disappointed if I lost it.


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Blue for me but its very sharp I’ll see how it feels after a week or two.


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I will adding a third style in a few weeks.
I couldn’t help noticing the blue is spilling over onto WC under your avatar 😂😂😂
Could I also request if MHer goes blue can we have a brighter green on WC pretty please.



I really like the blue and will definitely use it but I love the linked green theme between the 3 sister threads, which is a recognisable branding, so think green should stay as the default. Giving colour scheme options is a fabulous idea because people see colour differently and one person's 'restful' can be a difficult read for someone else.


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I know it’s a daft question but how do you change the colours 🤦🏽‍♀️ (It is Monday)!..that’s my excuse

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