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[Special YouTuber Camp] Bon Voyage Greg Virgoe Meetup

[Special YouTuber Camp] Bon Voyage Greg Virgoe Meetup
Posted by Gadgetjohn
Luddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9SE
Friday, October 11, 2019 - 12:00 PM
Until: Monday, October 14, 2019 - 11:00 AM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates


Rally Organiser

What is the meet for?

This is to wish Greg & Lou happy travels as they're soon to set off back onto the European Continent to continue their travels.

When is the meet?

Friday 11th October - Monday 14th October 2019
Arrive after Mid-day on Friday and leave before 11 am on Monday, please.


We have booked the whole center circle at Stratford-upon-Avon Racecourse, where the Overland show was held recently,
Luddington Road, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9SE


Charges will be £10 per van per night without power. All monies paid on arrival in cash to the steward.
As this is a Special Event it is open to free members.

How to book

You must make a post on this page saying you wish to attend. You can do this in the box near the bottom of this page where it says "Write a reply...". You will need to register for an account (which is free) if you are not already a member. If you are not on the list then you will not be allowed to stay.

On arrival at the site

Drive through the gates and carry on down towards the main buildings. As you reach them follow the road across the race track and stop at the black gazebo to book in. There will be Motorhomer.com A4 sized direction signs please look out for them.

More Info.

There will be toilets, water and a chemical loo disposal point on site. Stratford upon Avon town is roughly a 10 minute walk away with plenty of pubs, bars and things to do.

We will be allowed campfires and BBQs that are raised off the ground, please use a fire blanket under low firepits to prevent damage to the grass.

Units should be pitched at a minimum of 6 metres from any adjacent unit.

No unnecessary noise between 12 pm and 7 am. At all other times please enjoy yourselves without disturbing other members, guests or local residents.

Dogs are allowed but MUST BE KEPT ON A LEAD AT ALL TIMES.

This is a community gathering of like-minded people for a camping weekend, it is not an event or a show. There will be no trades, stalls or food sellers on the site so please make sure you come stocked up.

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Rally Organiser

Please reply in the box at the bottom of the page to be added to the list.


  1. Greg Virgoe (Steward) - YouTube Channel
  2. Gadget John (Steward) - YouTube Channel
  3. Geeky Philip (Steward) - YouTube Channel
  4. Lee (Steward)
  5. The Urban Motorhome (Car Parking B!tch) - YouTube Channel
  6. ProjectAmber - YouTube Channel
  7. onemanandhiswhippet - YouTube Channel
  8. Mevi (110% Awesome)- YouTube Channel
  9. Ash (Pollard) - YouTube Channel
  10. Liam The Terrible - YouTube Channel
  11. Lukes Van life - YouTube Channel
  12. HughTube - YouTube Channel
  13. Wondering Womble - Youtube Channel
  14. Freedom Strider - Youtube Channel
  15. Retrorenovations
  16. ScoobieDee
  17. Woolleycod Wanderers
  18. Goaspirit61
  19. Boatvanman
  20. PaulYoung123
  21. HelterSkelter
  22. EsmeVan
  23. Curbsidecrafters
  24. Rich Gibson
  25. Van Life Builds
  26. bonehead2412
  27. scotchalan
  28. Trotter
  29. ianmaxim
  30. Zuluboy
  31. German Shepherd Dog
  32. Fitzy
  33. Eddieeagles999
  34. TheFishbones
  35. smycker
  36. Danbury Van
  37. Rebel with a cause
  38. dessy
  39. Marie Garratt
  40. Tracebuk
  41. ElTel63
  42. Roger DJ
  43. Northern-Explorers
  44. Pugwash69
  45. AMidlifeNomad
  46. Greg-Jess-Becca
  47. Highlander Mike
  48. Freedom Paul
  49. Roberto
  50. Yorkshire lad
  51. chris and sandra
  52. Fosterstales
  53. G and Sharons Travel
  54. Herc The Merc
  55. IgorOnTheRoad
  56. prioryi
  57. Wolves wonderers
  58. StargazerRob
  59. Jeff-Manchester
  60. Tewhawk
  62. Wends
  63. LesCarol60
  64. Mike Woolstencroft
  65. Primmie (maybe)
  66. Calianbay
  67. Jamie Bestwick
  68. charlie
  69. sarahthedreamcatcher
  70. PughGlobal
  71. Primmie
  72. GLASSMAN888
  73. mad davvid
  74. carlyates68
  75. johnnyboy
  76. Dave and liz
  77. thevancook
  78. Ollydog
  79. PeteMGW
  80. Mark L
  81. Nice1ant
  82. Susiesue
  83. Valentinat30
  84. van Rix
  85. SOD IT
  86. Alan-Chris-Poppy
  87. Dasser
  88. Tim tails Taylor
  89. Pailins
  90. Palmer25
  91. damianpeterson
  92. TNFP
  93. jrb
  94. Oly89
  95. Druumz
  96. GregOne
  97. dh77322
  98. RichWales
  99. Colchester
  100. Johndavies
  101. Chris Nicholson
  102. LifeBeyondBricks
  103. Liggit
  104. debs
  105. tommi
  106. Tuppence
  107. Vantastic places
  108. Carter camper van
  109. Gaztech63
  110. Ian lindsay
  111. hallinvan
  112. Jon in the Burstner
  113. dennon3
  114. 1Man2JackRussles
  115. Daves Campervanning
  116. Gvan
  117. Richard Goldsworthy
  118. Nsmith121
  119. Carl Jones
  120. CorradoVR6
  121. Nicb
  122. Jason Grant
  123. rayphotoman
  124. Rick austin
  125. Vincent
  126. Richard
  127. xsilvergs
  128. Surg291
  129. Forrory
  130. The Solar Express
  132. One for the Roadtrip
  133. Mick Lowe
  134. madmaximus878
  135. Sean Miles
  136. Jason88
  137. Gary Parsons
  138. CriftinsCampers
  139. Dogs in a pickle
  140. Irm in vanderland
  141. Hans-and-Toms
  142. Nomad-Notmad
  143. Bex
  144. Hixxy
  145. Dgm165
  146. Bodger1
  147. BoldyGoingForward
  148. Mr Johnson
  149. DannyChambers
  150. Yowz
  151. Tin robot
  152. davidlondon
  153. overlandfamily
  154. Ivan deweller
  155. Kerry and Rob
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