Reward Points System

Reward Points system frequently asked questions

Reward Points explained

What are reward points?

We believe that our Full members should be rewarded for the effort that they put into our community. So to facilitate this we have a reward points system.

How do I earn reward points?

The system awards points each time that you interact with the website and the app. You can also earn points if other members like your posts or post replies to your threads.

How many reward points can I earn?

This is the current list of points awarded for different interactions. More will be added later once the app is released.

Full Members earn:

  • On topic forums post = 10 credits
  • On topic new thread = 10 credits
  • Off topic forums post = 5 credits
  • Off topic new thread = 5 credits
  • Upload a photo to the media gallery = 25 credits
  • Someone like your post = 5 credits
  • Someone posts in your on topic thread = 10 credits
  • Someone posts in your off topic thread = 5 credits
  • Each day you visit the forum = 5 credits + a random bonus of between 0 - 50 credits

Free Members do not earn points

Where can I find out how many Reward Points I have?

Your Reward Point transactions are detailed in your wallet, you can also see your total on the widget on the top right of the home page..

Click here to visit the transactions page

What can I spend reward points on?

We run raffles from timt to time , you can exchange your rewards points for tickets.

The more tickets you have the more chance you have of winning.

Where can I find the Raffles?

All the raffles are listed on the raffles page

Click here to visit the raffles page

Can I donate my points to charity?

You can donate your points so that raffle tickets are allocated to our charity member. You can find out more from the link below.

Click here to see how to donate you points