5000 Post Race - £200 in Amazon vouchers to be won


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5000 post race - £200 in Amazon vouchers to be won. (Congratulations to Lee on winning the 4000 post race :))

Charity is starting this thread, so for every post made Charity will get 5 Reward Points and another 5 Reward Points for every like given to this opening post.


1) Your post must have a meaning and contain at least 10 characters.
2) You may not make consecutive posts; there must be a gap of at least one post between your posts.
3) Invalid posts will be deleted.
4) Cheats will be disqualified.

Winners and Prizes
Winners will be drawn at 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 posts and selected by a random draw of all valid posts when each level is reached.

1000 posts £25 Amazon vouchers
2000 posts £25 Amazon vouchers
3000 posts £25 Amazon vouchers
4000 posts £25 Amazon vouchers
5000 posts £100 Amazon vouchers

Good luck everyone (y)
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Welcome back, Allen.. For every like that you give, .. points are given to charity.