Admin vs Streetsleeper Solar Shootout


Brilliant stuff Phil and Rae!
Now all I need to know is which one of you is Clint Eastwood and which one is Lee Van Cleef? :cool:


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Rae, I wasn't aware of the progress links you provided, above. Good stuff mate, I really liked how you utilised the tailor made roof bars to facilitate anchor of panels system.

Can I have a rooftop swatch at the frog meet, please, I'll wear my wetsuit boots, kinder on the roof? Also bounce off, you, my idea of a swivel base made from alloy.


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I wasn't aware of the progress links you provided
Hello Terry,
Yes I wondered how many people had not seen the threads on me fitting the panels, as when I have been asked about how I did it I asked didn't you read my thread and in most cases the answer has been no and, also, the one about fitting the inverter, lithium batteries etc. You're more than welcome to have a look around on top, at the Frog, and I will try and answer any questions that you throw at me. I will post the link at the bottom, if anyone is interested in the upgrading of the electrical system.


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Very impressed with the testing and research put in by you two guys. All I have to do now is use Phil’s brain and copy Rae’s handiwork.
Seriously good work

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That backs up my assertions about the improved ability of a tilted (or in my case freestanding) Solar Panel in Winter. It is gratifying to read the results Phil, thanks for the posts. Maybe now I will not be regarded as a liar.
Having seen your setup in the past Jim, it beggars belief that anybody can doubt the efficiency.

Freestanding is by far the best way to go for optimum use of a solar panel. My problem is that I would probably drive away forgetting I have set it up!

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