Am I being lazy?


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I have been looking at the different companies that do motorhome cleaning and polishing. It seems to take me longer and longer in the spring to bring the moho up to a decent level of clean and shine. Does anybody else have theirs done by a third party? If so how did you get on?



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I've never had mine valeted but I once asked a guy called Jezport (another forum member from Leeds) for a quote, based on a pal and myself both having our vans done at the same time to make his travel south worth while. He was going to do the work from his camper to make it efficient. Can't remember why we didn't go ahead.

I also remember a respected member on a
that place use and praise the work of this Swindon chap's work:


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Does anybody else have theirs done by a third party? If so how did you get on?
Hello Benie,
When we first got our van I had it professionally cleaned, it cost us round about £100. After the job was done Ann and I set about the van ourselves and did the job properly; so I won't be doing that again.



I shall watch this thread with bated breath in the hope of some good recommendations :giggle:
I'd so love to be able to pay someone to give mine a full professional wash and wax etc but it costs upwards of £120 in my area for anything other than a bloke with a bucket and cloth... even that cost me £60 once about 4 years ago but never again! There's a mobile company I spotted that even clean every inch of the white strips that run along the seals as part of a thorough exterior spruce up. In my dreams :(

As for DIY, I've found that I can cope if I don't try to tackle it all in one day. I'll give it all a good shampoo and rinse one day, tackle the fiddly bits like inside the cab doors and under the bonnet etc another day, all over shine at some point, then properly clean the windows and wax the cab another day, and so on. I have tackled it all in a day a few times but I definitely regret it the next day! o_O


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If you're near Bromsgrove there is a Shell garage opposite Webbs garden centre, the Romanian car wash on site do a great job on my Citroen relay for £7 and they will do a full chamois and wax polish for £25 if you supply the cloths and the wax.


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If your travelling down the A22, near East Grinstead I recommend these guys A22 Car Wash.

Just stop by or phone ahead. They also do detailing using Autoglym products. I used to get my Lexus cleaned there, very good service.


Thanks for all your comments so far. I had not thought of trying our eastern European friends. They do a super job of our car.

The problem with most car washes is that in order to achieve a good look as quickly as possible quite agressive chemicals are used. Not a problem if you keep a vehicle for just a few years, but not a good thing if you have the vehicle long term. A professional detailer is likely to take far more care of you vehicle (and more time therefore) using less aggressive cleaners. Of course not all “detailers” are of good quality, as a member here recently discovered.
With a motorhome the water jets used can be too powerful and damage sealant, cleaning is not a good thing to economise on.
With great care, vehicles can be kept in “as new” condition, heres my 19 year old 145000 mile Xantia.


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I personally don't mind a bit of elbow grease but I do struggle with the roof. I've never understood whether or not it's safe to get up there as nobody seems to want to answer this question. Pertinent facts are 1) Autotrail Imala and 2) 85kg (without jumping).

I've ended up under the trees on some sites and if you mis-time the season and/or wind strength, the results up there can be devastating .....

At the moment I resort to a ladder with a towel wrapped round the top for van protection but it's not ideal. Couldn't even find a reasonably priced DIY platform.

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