Another option for hub caps


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Our Hobby has 16'' steel wheels and in common with many we had the solid type hub caps fitted. You know the ones, deep dished and with five cosmetic ''chrome wheel nuts''. Well, our van was serviced last week the garage broke one of them and replaced four of them with these.


So i got hold of another set to match all six wheels. We'll see if they're less brittle than the other ones.




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Don't really know Eric but I'm quite happy with the wheels of steel. For the sake of looks I don't think spending loads on alloys is worth it.


First thing i do is smash them of and bin em,what use are they apart from hold you back when changing a wheel.
One of the first things I did with my wheels was to ditch the hub caps, removed the wheels, cleaned them up, rubbed them down and then painted them all satin black.
My steel wheels where in a terrible state so I had them sand blasted then galvernized so they won’t need painting again.they only have my snow tyres on them now.

Lots of people in Australia used to ditch hubcaps as they would get so hot in summer that they used to warp and fly off , also consensus was that wheels run cooler , heat being the biggest killer of tyres !!
Having lost one of those deep-dished type, I decided rather than replace the plug-ugly thing I'd get a set of the type which just cover the centre of the wheel and are held by the wheel bolts. s-l1600.jpg
They look OK, but the heads on some of my wheel bolts are a bit tatty, so I thought I'd get some of the plastic covers which I've seen on sale, either black or chrome. I then discovered that unlike the ones on later Peugeot Boxer based vans, the bolts on my 02 van are M16, 24mm across the flats. Despite searching high and low I have been unable to find any covers to fit that size.
Geeze people, if you don't like Wheel Trims, then just don't use them! share your thoughts sure but don't no need to force them on others in such an opinionated way! Some folk like bare wheels, some like trims, not all want the same as you ('you' is anyone reading this)

FWIW, I think they are fine. What I would do if that were MY van is give the wheels a bit of a black spray so the wheel behind the trim is less obvious and use clear cable-ties so they are less obvious, but that is both a minor thing and just my own opinion.

On my fronts I had no covers at all and for both keeping the exposed Hub centre cleaner AND for Appearance reasons, added the official VW hub covers (similar to bartmans)
by David, on Flickr

My wheels were horrible. On my rears, being a Dually, the options to smarten them up are limited and I opted for media-blasting and powder-coating the wheels (There are rear dually-trims available but they tend to be very pricey)

Crossfire Installation
by David, on Flickr

My wheels are not in good shape, so I fitted 6x these.
Easy to keep clean, as there is a good surface area and look good when they are clean.
I certainly don't fancy buying 6 x alloy wheels either. 20180720_190329.jpg

I fitted alloy wheels to mine and sprayed them to match the bumper, I was going to just spray the original wheel trims which were held in place with the wheel bolts so very secure, but I got a good price on the alloys and thought I could sell the wheel trims, as usual I still have them:whistle:
Picture 962.jpg IMG_20160728_084127.jpg

Thanks all, an interesting thread for me. Because of this discussion I ordered a set of these They arrived today and I have just finished fitting them. They look good but the big advantage is that I can more easily get to the tyre valves to check pressures and also, I don't have to faff about with cable ties to make sure they stay on.
Eurocarparts do cheap trims in different colours and usually have a discount code as well. Think I paid about £16 for a set of 16” trims, including delivery 👍

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