Bear facts

If any of you had a slight notion that our leader wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards well you were right and here’s proof.


And he doesn’t drink. 😂😂😂


Hopefully this isn't going to be the new Motorhomer headgear!!!!!!

I didn't know teddy boy fashion was back... but at leat he's still got a full head of bear :)


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I guess that’s the head supervisor for the solar panel install 👍👍


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Look on the bright side Terry... you don't even have to wash and go - you can just go :LOL:
I didn't use wash and go, I used wash and disappear, it is slightly stronger.
The real reason is Maggy keeps tapping me on the head saying "good boy" :devilish:


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when people say that Phil’s unbearable he’s not got his bear on his head😜
At least he's only playing with a bear and he's not bare. Bbrrr bit chilly for that. :p Bear the thought. :)

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