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What would you prefer?
Why,would you like the one of your choice
Think it will be twin beds over large garage
Your views ?


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Gordon, i al sure you know my preference and most certainly twin beds over garage


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German built for me everytime Gordon, I have bought a brand new British van once and never again

Self built first of all because I know my workmanship standards and the end result would be exactly to my design.
Second by a significant margin would be German built because I know how damned well they are screwed together.
Third equal would be Dutch, Danish, Slovakian and then finally by a very long margin in last position would be UK built vans!

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Looking very much like we’re another hymer,572 is one the gaffer really likes ,having to compromise as she is wanting to drive a lot more with the grandkids away on school hols etc ,there’s a few places an hour or so away .cant argue with her points

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Really appreciated all comments I know deep down where I’m sad to say it has to be ,would love to fly the flag but head rules eh!


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Flying the flag is ok but if the product is inferior it just encourages poor performance. Customer loyalty may have kept BL going for years but it didn’t save them in the long run. If the UK manufacturers want my custom they will have to design motor homes that fit my requirements and are built to a high standard.


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Well I am not the best judge really as I have only ever had the one we have now which is German built to British design so maybe the best of both lol

For an 11 year old van though everything is really solid and still looking good with the exception of a few cupboard catches. I think from what I have seen with others though whatever you get is a gamble, look at the problems Charlie is having with a new Hymer, I would be a lot more wound up than him if I had spent all that money lol

Only way to be certain is buy a new van and do it yourself really I suppose but that will limit internal space more than coach built vans


There are good and bad vans built anywhere. I’ve seen some awful finishes from Britain, France, Italy and Germany and likewise some very nice vans from each. No van suits everyone, it’s a very personal thing according to how you plan to use it. I would not swap my British built van with a rear lounge for anything, but each to their own.


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I think one of the biggest problems with any make of van now, is that customers want more and more goodies in a 3500kg van and vans seem to be getting longer.
Something has to give!
I do think German is better built, but even German are not as robust as they used to be!
Generally, the skins are water proof and the showers are for using! They are not as frilly as UK vans.
Most are front lounge which suits us, but as mentioned above, each to their own!
No right and no wrong!
Had a look inside a fiat contiki at wilsons auction house,very sparse ,no proper usb ports or in fact just about every thing one would require was not in it,would i buy a factory van,NO WAY.

Sure someone posted on the w site he was hiring different makes and lay outs and think he was on his 3rd or 4th, yes it's expensive but it might rule out some or change your mind, problems problems, best of luck gordon

We have had 3 German vans (Burstner, Frankia, Hymer) - all have been great and very well built. However of the 3 marques I reckon Hymer is the best quality. We love our Mli which has twin singles (with infill if needed to convert to a double) over a large garage. Payload is not really acceptable at 3500kg so we upgraded to 4250kg. Can’t comment on British build quality as we have only had German.

Our first van was a IH, the build quality strong and solid and the finish was excellent. Van was over ten years old when we got it and all of the fittings were still in total working order. Just couldn't afford to buy a newer slightly larger model. 😩😩. Would recommend them to anyone who found one that meets there needs.


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Think the difference is nowadays they are all much the same British or German fancy builders vans bodged together with parts from a hundred different makers it’s just the Germans seem better at putting these 100s of components together better and the real difference is when the van is 5 10 year old the German vans seem to be a bit better built and have less problems.My new van is not a patch on the build quality of my old van exact same model 10 years apart but new one has lighter wood more plastic and loads more gadgets so more to break or go wrong. Sounds like you’re minds already made up all the best when you get it that’s if Fiona let’s you have a shot


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My first MH was a CIRiviera (Italian?) it was OK while I was learning to find out what I really needed.

This one is a Burstner, German, and I can’t pick fault with it. Build quality seems excellent, no squeaks or rattles. It’ll do me for now. especially as I’ve upplated it from 3500 to 4100

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My hymer B544 has great cabinetry etc inside ,still in first class cond ,imho,went and looked at a few private sale vehicles and could not beleive what people thought was acceptable,all upmarket brands by the way ,when at the Birmingham show I was shocked at how poor the interior finish was on some of the vans we looked at even out our ceiling prices .as someone said ten year old vans in some cases appear better built ,all German vans included.we are at a point of a few that we have short listed but the search is still on but not too far away now
Defo twins at the rear biggish garage and not too big (I’ve been TOLD,,!)
Hello Gogsy,
For us it had to be a monocoque, unfortunately they don’t make the one I wanted new now so I had to opt for an older one. Love the conversion ........not so happy about the mpg.


You could always trade in for a younger model, or just take what Fiona has told you on the chin and know your place(y)

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