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Can we have a THANK YOU button

Can we please have a Thank You button as so very often clicking a like is not appropriate!
For example, I might not like the answer at all, but I want to thank the poster for answering!

I asked for one ages ago G, it's in the pipeline I think.

I know I HAVE clicked like when I didn't like the post and I used it as a thank.
But sone posts I have been unable to click as a like would be totally wrong
Just a comment when phil reads this thread .... On my android tablet, the "Thumbs" button to say like, funny, etc. Is present but does not work. Limitation with the mobile version of the site or something?

Thanks Phill, all sorted now
WE NOW have a Thank You Button, it is the Tick!

We seem to have one now, a green tick, personally I would have linked thanks to the thumbs up, and like to the tick, but it's not my forum :D :D :D
It’s quite handy to have like and thank as meanings can be very different