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During the New Year meet our fan heater motor started to make a horrible screaming noise, though a squirt with WD40 would give us a couple of hours of peaceful heating the problem would always return. Well, today, I decided to investigate and see if it could be repaired or, the worse scenario, replaced. Stripping down the fire was a fairly straightforward job and removing the motor gave no real resistance, the only problem I have found is there are two wires protruding from the small circuit board that seemed to go to nowhere. When I took it apart they were just bent out of the way.......and this is what it looks like.
My question is; does anybody know what they're for and can I just snip them off? I hope to be taking the motor apart to see if I can lubricate the bearing as there is very little play on the shaft.




mr brown

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they're an integral part of the Carver reproductive system . normally removed while the unit is young enough to recover from the op without too much trauma . unfortunately , i can see this is on an older model, so while i would say go ahead with the ''snip'' , don't be surprised if it becomes bloody furious


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If you look on the other side of the board you should see a component, maybe a capacitor or relay etc. to which the "legs" belong, these are often unnecessarily long and would normally be shortened when installed.
It appears yours were not tidied up when manufactured, no problem to cutting them back.


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If you look on the other side of the board you should see a component,
There is a circuit board track between them by the looks, so wouldn't be that.

Rae, it looks quite deliberate, I would leave/reinstate them. What's on the other side of the board?


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My advice would be, they aren't in the way and doing no harm leave them.
There is probably a reason for them that long, after all they've been there 20 odd years and done no harm.


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Strikes me that the wires may as well stay.
Do you think they are some sort of "earth"?
Anyway the key issue will be to get motor running smoothly.
As you've caught it as soon as it got noisy you stand a reasonable chance of freeing it off and lubricating the bearings.
Whether you get another 20 years will be interesting 😀

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