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Well I came for a chat but there is nobody here well when I say nobody Phil is lurking somewhere.
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at last ...i think i have just moved another step forward with this project..........managed to get press post reply and see what happens

alright so far. now attempting to goes

before i press the button..........when tried to get into this site via google ( it did not bring the site up so i went back into wc to get into this the way to do it.
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I bookmark places I use regularly Trixie.

Click on the Star top right of screen (Sorry if you already do this!)


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I keep getting calls about my computer running slow and how they can help me.

Started at 7.30 this morning and I have had 8 so far.

I did explain they should get a real job and work for a living instead of being lying cheats

:Very_Angry: :Very_Angry: :Very_Angry:


To follow on from Harrow's post.
I have just changed mobile providers, from vodafone to gifgaf, I had been with vodafone more or less since it started but over the last few years there customer services just got worse.
So when my contract ran out it was time for a change, I rang them to cancel and get my PAC code and as usual it took 30mins to get to an operative, who tried to convince me to stay by offering me a deal which was £2 more than gifgaf, I refused his offer and told him of my displeasure.
Now for the first time in years they ring me asking why I'm leaving them,if only they had given me this type of service before they p@@@ed me off.

Cheerful Charlie

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Wully;n1124 said:
I love getting the cold callers now I’m realy getting the hang of winding them up had a guy today told him I was deaf and that he would have to shout I had him on load speaker in the van he was screaming like a nutter the whole street could hear him.?
My old mate used to chat away to them all asking for new windows and conservatories,kitchens and then say "Are the council really going to do this for me ?"


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teejay;n1555 said:
anyone from wales ?
Its a leading question really. There are lots of people from Wales-some choose not to advertise it though....


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road.gifKeep left as you exit-or is that brexit? Not nearly as annoying as that chainsaw swingin' about all over the shop!
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