Cheap motorhome holiday in OZ


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Another forum member reading about our present six months road trip to the USA in our own Hymer had requested info from our OZ trip.Suggested I should put it out there as it may be of interest to motorhome travel on the cheap.
This trip we have shipped our van but that trip we did van swapping.It is a old MMM article I wrote a few years back.IMG_20181206_072650.jpgIMG_20181206_072726.jpg


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This swapping sounds like a great idea :)


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We did van swapping 3x
2x in NZ Great (one trip for 1 month)
1x in OZ from Perth Not great for many reasons
They damaged Van (OK they paid up) but.....
I have promised my wife we will NOT do again
However it DOES work


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I agree..
We were lucky certainly with the 2x in NZ Very honest upright citizens
IN Oz the same is true but
No 1 they were careless and left the awning up and went away..NEW awning.
No 2 their MoHo was poor...we are not fussy but cold drafty poor sleeping arrangements.
Going uphill against the wind was like driving a moggy minor up a 1in5 hill.
No regrets but ENOUGH

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