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I'm thinking about a trailer to carry 2 recumbent trikes in the folded position. Any suggestions for a manufacturer or someone who makes bespoke trailers? (possibly a compact, side loading, trailer with sides and top) Thanks, Graham


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if your trailer is as narrow as the van you wont even notice it on motorways, really wants to be wide enough for you to see it in door mirrors. similar width to the van is ideal or youll only ever see its still attached when you go round a sharp enough bend.
also remember the shorter the trailer the harder it is to reverse and also harder to see on corners.

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If you choose a trailer, look for one that is nearly as wide as the van.
Do not get one with wheels that are wider than the trailer: although that makes them slightly more stable, it makes manoeuvring a nightmare.
Try to get a trailer with straight sides, so you can easily see where it is pointing.
As already said, the longer the trailer, the easier it is to reverse. However, the length that matters is from the hitch to the axle. The rear overhang is unhelpful.
If it is a very small, light trailer, you could have the axle near the back. But unless it's a very light trailer, the hitch can get very heavy very quickly.
I would install a reversing camera, wired to be on whenever you switch the ignition on, not just when reversing. That's what I have, even without a trailer!
And then spend some time practicing reversing. Backing into supermarket car park spaces is a good way to get the hang of it (when the car park is empty, of course).
You should have plenty of time to think about this now.
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