Dometic Seitz Heki 3 Plus Interior Rooflight Frame


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For whatever reason my Heki 3 Plus developed a crack in the upper frame and the whole thing had to be replaced at an eye watering cost. Both the clear dome and lower internal frame containing the fly screen and blind are in superb condition so I am trying to recover a bit of money by selling them.

The Dometic Seitz Heki 3 Plus basically comes in three parts which folks on here will probably already know
  1. Lower inner frame
  2. Upper outer frame
  3. Clear acrylic dome
This listing is for the lower internal frame containing the fly screen and blind which is in excellent condition, I’ve tried to take several detailed photographs to show its condition.

Price £135.00

To purchase new this item new would cost in excess of £450.00 + delivery so I hope I'm not being too greedy

What you see in the pictures is exactly what you get.

Ideally it’s cash on collection but if distance proved to be a big issue I would be willing to pack and dispatch by courier although this is not ideal as it is a big item and will need me protecting it well in some sort of crate prior to dispatch. I would have to work out a price with a courier if this was necessary. Alternatively I would be willing to drive and meet the buyer halfway for fuel cost if distance proved difficult; at say 15 pence per mile i.e. if I had to make a return trip of say 200 miles cost would be £30.00407E399F-F2E6-4DC8-B838-70EC08A57D25.jpeg3E7C7708-85C1-478F-94F4-C630DF787E81.jpegF4F486DD-6751-45FD-9B2A-33EE1406F4B2.jpegD97EAB75-556A-47A9-9CF6-CF90893A869F.jpeg0CE2B885-51E5-4619-8C14-2C1C44EFFBB5.jpeg21876503-E4F0-4101-8D28-EFEEDC1D622D.jpegC015900C-A1FD-4E77-8A53-72F39D106380.jpegFD5C84B6-9B30-46BD-B9E8-8A3128446B7E.jpeg407E399F-F2E6-4DC8-B838-70EC08A57D25.jpeg3E7C7708-85C1-478F-94F4-C630DF787E81.jpegF4F486DD-6751-45FD-9B2A-33EE1406F4B2.jpegD97EAB75-556A-47A9-9CF6-CF90893A869F.jpeg0CE2B885-51E5-4619-8C14-2C1C44EFFBB5.jpeg21876503-E4F0-4101-8D28-EFEEDC1D622D.jpegC015900C-A1FD-4E77-8A53-72F39D106380.jpegFD5C84B6-9B30-46BD-B9E8-8A3128446B7E.jpeg

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Excellent pictures, but sizes would be handy, tia

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Regarding a crack in the upper outside frame
After we purchased our previous van we found a small leak which luckily the water dripped straight down to the bed and did not go into the roof
I found a crack in the outside frame of a roof lit
It was wrong time of year to remove and replace so I scratched a V long the crack and run Sikaflex along
I never needed to replace it
What I am trying to say, is maybe the whole thing could be sold and used
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No, the engineer who fitted the new one said it was fitted incorrectly in the first place; someone had used a glue instead of a mastic and the frame had to be cut out, so came out in several pieces. Something that would have been a step too far for Sikaflex.
You were obviously lucky we have bought a dehumidifier and have extracted circa 12+ litres of water, that's in addition to the water we could mop up. All sorted now though. Cheers

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