Free Washer and Dryer for Motorhome.


How much for the dryer I already have a washer, I'm not sure if it's the same size as yours but Linda is used to it.
How much will P&P be please to postcode PI55 0FF o_O

My favourite play on words - when Inverness Caledonian Thistle (affectionately nicknamed Super Caley) beat Celtic: news paper head lines were it!


Nice drum going if anyone wants it 😂😂
You temptress, you know how to torment a man :love:
If nobody else wants it I would love to get my hands on your drum. Could you get Billiam to descale it and then would you be kind enough to bring it to Le Frog? If not, I could come down to your house and dismantle it myself whilst Bill and I reminisce on 50's comedy programmes.......choice is yours.

lol....ohhh you are all such a witty lot...never fails to amaze me how you all come up with these hilarious one

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