Frozen Shoulder


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Now, naturally I have heard of a frozen shoulder, but I never really understood what this malady meant or what it involved. This week I got my very first frozen shoulder, and OH CRAP, the pain is excruciating. It's my right shoulder and I am right handed, so I have been trying to teach my left side some new tricks, like brushing my teeth, tooth paste everywhere, yesterday took me an hour to put my socks and docs on. My doctors are fully booked for the next three months, so a quick trip to A&E got me sorted on the right treatment, and now things are much better. 😥


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morning debs.....agree with you regatding ain with frozen .shoulder...not surprised that your doctor does.nt have appointments that can be made on the same day for ailments like that.........we can get appts for same day if we call first thing...8am.....if all those appts have gone by the time you have got thru to them....then duty doc will call back
at some time during the day........
hope the pain dosnt last for too long......take care



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Last time it happened to me the doc said it’ll sort itself out in the next 3-6 months or you can take these tablets (Naproxen), I took the tablets 😂😂


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About ten years ago I had frozen shoulder l toughed it out for about 9 months and I had to work as lm self employed, getting dressed and sleeping was painful. Apparently once you've had frozen shoulder you don't get it in that shoulder again but it's fairly common to get it in the opposite shoulder sooner or later and that's what happened to me about a year later, I must say that it was milder in pain,and easier to cope with, also the doctor referred me to physio which was helpful but painful, it took about 3 years or so to be completely free of it.


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Hi Debs how you feeling
Some years ago I started getting pain down my right arm and in to my hand (I'am left handed), it became very painful if left to long in one position (sat watching television) it became dead I got a lot of pins and needles, as the days and weeks went along it became unbearable I went to the doctors for them to tell me it was a frozen shoulder they offered me a cortisone injection, and tablets rest it for a few hours for the injection to get hold, I finished up with it not moving at all without the aid of my left hand, I started using private physio, a pulley system, it went worse and worse, evidently I went to see a Private consultant at a private clinic he said it was coming from my shoulder blade there was muscles trapped, I booked in for surgery, then I had weeks of physio with different cold and hot methods with different apparatus's used (different elastic thicknesses, wooden poles, standing away from a wall then using my figure tips to walk higher and higher, etc.) as the weeks went by it was a lot better but not right, but came away with all the procedures I had been taught in place

About a couple of years later I had an accident in the bathroom, leaning over the bath to open the window before I got in the bath, standing on the bath mat it slipped and I fell luckily Jeff was down stairs, he came running to find that there was a bone sticking out of my back on the right hand side, an ambulance was called and they took me to A & E, I had dislocated my shoulder them days they put you under anesthetic to preform the reduction, after when I came round, they said they have never carried out a reduction that was so easy, after that day I never experienced and discomfort in that arm or shoulder again

What was it?, it was named a frozen shoulder, nobody knows why this happens, I have had lots of accidents over the years on my horses but lots of people have suffered from this subject for no reason they know about
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Over 20 years ago I had it so bad that physio and drugs did very little until I had it manipulated under general anaesthetic in hospital. I was given an exercise regime using bands, poles etc taking up the first 10 minutes of my day, I have done them religiously for over 20 years as I do not want a pain like that ever again.