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Handy to know, but isn't £7.50 about the rate for many C&CC sites for an overnight stay? So may as well stay on for the night?
Not the main club sites in high season when you struggle to get a pitch unless pre booked weeks in advance. £7.50 is the approx old codger rate out of season on club sites without ehu. You also pay for each person unlike most C&CC CS sites where you usually pay by unit.
Just logged on and to book Glencoe club site for 2 nights in August, 2 adults with ehu on a hard standing as all grass booked near enough is £20.00 a night.
I’ve used the Glencoe and Dingwall stopover a few times, we’ll worth the money imho. Much better than arsing around looking for water and a suitable place to dump waste.


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Perhaps I am very out of date but that seems excessively expensive for a maximum of three hours , just to fill water tank and empty waste.
I think that depends on how long you have been out on the road and how smelly you and your van is what I do is if I have been on the road for say 4/5 nights then 3 hours for £7.50 to have a long hot shower do your laundry fill up and empty I think it’s a bargain.
As Obanboy666 says it depends on the time of year


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I'd be more inclined to view the offer favourably if C&CC sites had better laundry facilities. There are never enough machines and driers for the number of units pitched up.

I often end up waiting outside the laundry at crack of sparrow's fart in order to be first in line. No point turning up on spec and finding the machines in use with a queue.