Green frog Moffat February meeting

Green frog Moffat February meeting
Posted by The laird
Green frog moffat
Friday, February 15, 2019 - 08:00 AM
Until: Monday, February 18, 2019 - 04:00 PM
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The laird

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Big al I’ve sent messages to you can respond so I know what is happening with the frog meeting please

The laird

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Anyone for stornoway black pudding?
13£ is full bung
£6 ish half bung
£3*50 section bung
Nabs 1/2 bung
Laird 1x bung
Saxonborg 1x 1/2 bung
Hamster 1x bung 1/2
Streetsleeper 1 x 1/2 bung
Lancaster Cal-1 1/2 buhg
Hurricane 1x bung

The laird

Rally Organiser
Hi Gordon. I see you're currently fully subscribed for this meet so can you please put us down as reserve.
Thanks. Ben & Lin
That’s you and Lyn added ,I remember we have met took a wee while but the penny dropped when you mentioned Xmas lights
Look forward to seeing you there
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Hi Gordon
Sorry we can’t make it. Thanks to need for urgent dental treatment we’ve had to return early from our Scotland trip.


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Right folks, we're nearly there and, if you wonder why you signed up to this meet at the la grenouille, this is why. Recycled washing machine drum lovingly transformed into a fire pit for one lucky member who buys a raffle ticket at the meet.

I can tell you, I painstakingly rescued drum from what was our old redundant washing machine prior to taking to council tip. I can share with you, drum you see in image, has washed and dried to many things to rude to mention. :ROFLMAO:

6mm mild steel base, carefully cut to diameter with oxy-acetylene burning kit using my own (y)(n) hands :cool:

So there you have it, buy a ticket for this wonderful prize, where you can hand down to your grandkids on your demise :eek:

All ticket proceeds go towards the Lairds next A- Class Motorhome, which he eyeballed at this weekend's MH show at SECC Glasgow!! :ROFLMAO:

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