Hmmmmmmmmmm.........Fish and Chips


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Red (aka Ketchup) for sure
Mayo? you a blooming Dutchman??

There was a fish & chip recommended to me in Ayr Town. don't know the name but it is on a corner at a roundabout with around 5 or so roads (hopefully some can ID from that?). I was staying in a carpark overnight (doing some van electrics) and it was indeed very good as promised.

Gold Star Chip Shop Onions (the brand from that Glaswegian company) are sold in B&M Bargains in big bulk jars (not big enough though ... it ran out :( ) and I saw the Gold Star Brown Sauce in LIDL in Kelso (not seen it anywhere else).
That would be the Wellington cafe on the corner, really good chip shop and cafe. Usually have to wait for a table, that is always a good sign.
Peppo’s chip shop at Arbroath harbour is another good one, but be aware they close early at 7:00.


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If we imagine Scotland has moved for a second , Monday had some lovely f and c in Morley near Leeds the mermaid fish restaurant the place immaculately presented but dated.....if I wanted to stink the car out less than a mile away tingles bar chippy but takeaway only 2 minutes off the m62

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