Jackery SG1000 Solar Generator review



I have been testing a Jackery SG1000 and I am now going to give you my findings.


I am working with Jackery for the benefit of our members and there will be more news about this later.

First, I have a few trusted friends who have been using these units for about a year and their feedback is very good. The quality and reliability of these units have been tested under lots of different use cases. They have been used to totally power van builds as well as being used by van builders to power their tools. There is no point in me replicating these tests as the Jackery units have already proven that they are fit for purpose.

I did test the battery capacity with my discharge tester and it did exceed the 1004 Wh quoted.

One thing that did come up when I posted about the Jackery in October was people felt that it was expensive. I just tried to do a comparison build of what it would cost if you made one yourself out of similar quality components:

  • 80Ah Lithium battery with built-in BMS and 120A continuous load and 240A PEAK
  • 1000 Watts continuous output pure sine wave inverter 2000 Watts PEAK
  • 15A MPPT solar controller
  • 15A Mains lithium battery charger
  • 10A Battery to Battery charger
  • Battery monitor with LCD readout
  • USB + QC3 + PD Output charging unit
  • 12v cigar lighter socket
  • 12v LED torch
  • A carry case to install it all in
  • Connectors, cable,
  • All with a 24-month warranty (36 months if you register with Jackery)

To get all this for less than £879.99 that has a similar quality and warranty is not that easy. (I could not do it but please feel free to try)
Then to get it to fit in a 13.1 x 9.2 x 11.1 in (33.3 x 23.3 x 28.3 cm) case and weigh 22.04 lbs (10 kg) is just not possible.

So to sum up:

I think the Jackery SG1000 is good value for money when you consider all the parts that are needed to make one.

The Jackery brand has been proven to supply quality products that are fit for purpose.
The warranty is excellent and can be extended by registering the product.

Below I have listed the Black Friday deals that Jackery have on from 25th - 29th November.

BTW, I make no money regardless of whether you buy a Jackery or not.

Visit Jackery UK store: https://www.amazon.co.uk/jackery

ProductThe Usual PriceDiscountThe Black Friday Price
(Nov 25-29)
Where to Buy
Explorer 240£259.9925% OFF£194.99https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08RNPYLQW/
Explorer 500£529.9920% OFF£423.99https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08RNT5BDT/
Explorer 1000£1099.9920% OFF£879.99https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08RNQ9P2R/
SolarSaga 100W£259.9925% OFF£194.99https://www.amazon.co.u/dp/B08RNV
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