just above malaga

we finally left the idyllic la isletta at cabo de gata in spite of concerns almost 30 vans there well spread out but no police or rangers thankfully, we have finally left the sea for now & turned inland to meet up with lee/linda found a gorgeous spot by the dam at embasse casasola with joy zigzag and we are settled in for the night, it was our intention to overnight at velez malaga 30 miles away but a circus was set up on the same area so we moved on but we first went to the garage nearby full services you are supposed to pay for the water but if you refuel there it’s free and at €1:089 a litre why wouldn’t you

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Nice one, Ken.
We are jealous.
You were robbed ken 1.089 today i filled up and paid 99 cents a litar how you ritch lot live :D:D:D:D


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Even though I like you ken I’m going to have to stop reading your posts it’s leaving me depressed.That spot looks amazing say hello to jan and joy
meeting up with lee linda today wully i’ll send you some pics lol


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Ken, either from Rugby or Spain,
we were on holiday in Malaga a few years ago and on a walk, I wandered into a wooded area, maybe pine or possibly olive, can’t remember. Anyway, what I do remember is it wasn’t far out of town, within walking distance, possibly to the west, and it had a natural water point supplied by a mountain stream. There was vehicle access, a local was filling containers for his restaurant.
Does this ring any bells? It’ll make a great park up, especially in the summer, nice dappled shade from the trees.
You were robbed ken 1.089 today i filled up and paid 99 cents a litar how you ritch lot live :D:D:D:D
Isn’t this their cheap black nozzle diesel. Do u really use it regularly!!!!
Yes every 3rd fill up i use it but don,t use it all the time