Lochore country meadows (March 26-depart Mon 30(NOW FULL)

Lochore country meadows (March 26-depart Mon 30(NOW FULL)
Posted by The laird
Lochore country meadows prk
Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 12:00 PM
Until: Monday, March 30, 2020 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

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Start: Thursday, March 26, 2020 - 12:00 PM
End: Monday, March 30, 2020 - 01:00 PM

The laird

Rally Organiser

Time ticking can’t wait for our return t Lochore,remember we are in the event area which is up at the boathouse and through the gate,the field is not like this now and has hard underfoot


Ezzo York

Full Member

Hi Gordon,
I hope all is well and a belated Happy New Year to you.
Could you please add me to the reserve list ?
Thank you

ian and cath

Full Member

Big apology Gordon, just realised we have tickets for the festival in Pitlochry that weekend so we'll have to pull out of this meet.


Full Member

We are having a meeting here due to popular demand .Hope for twenty units ,6 ehu points ,fresh water and elsan available
prices to be confirmed
ehu points for those who require for medical reasons first
The golf course is adjacent to the park
Water sports at hand ,you can put kayaks and canoes in the water with permission at the park office etc
Remember every four nights bought your fifth night is free.if you stay two nights they register your name/reg and you can build up towards a free night .
Stornoway black pudding I can bring to the meeting ( last orders two week's prior to meeting)
full bung £18
half bung £9
1/4 bung £4*50 approx prices

WE HAVE A POLL RUNNING ON RALLY/info regarding logs for fire pits at the meeting (votes appreciated)£5 a unit
Today Jan7th I can confirm prices for our meeting I negotiated a deal of £8 a unit and (£10 a unit with ehu)
We are having a fire pit with a blanket to protect the ground
Fresh water available
Dirty water disposal available inc elsan fluid ( there’s a problem with elsan solids which cannot be disposed off ) hope it’s fixed by then .
I have increased the van cap as well now 35 units

Fire Pitts and bbq are ok but please be careful and look after the ground underneath
On arrival you can register & pay at reception ( make sure you say you are with Motorhomer .to get the rate agreed)

Capped at 35vans

The list

  1. The laird (ehu))——1x full bung sbp
  2. Tribute11
  3. Streetsleeper
  4. Nutts(ehu)
  5. exwindsurfer
    Papa bongo ( ehu) required
  6. Reiverlad
  7. bigshug

  8. Tompa
  9. alwaysared
  10. campervanannie
  11. newfpark
  12. Hurricane
  13. tjay. Sbp 1/2 bung
  14. royh28
  15. nomad
  16. Georgieporgie
  17. Mr mon
  18. Saxonborg (1/2 bung )
  19. Cowanhouse
  20. sheenajones
  21. Wully
  22. old man down
  23. margaret maske (ehu )
  24. vwann
  25. runnach(fri/sat )
  26. Grim the viking (ehu)
  27. The collies (ehu required)
  28. Musketeer
  29. Pilsleyavondale=====(30)
  30. Mark M——-1/2 sbp
  31. stevie
  32. yorklass
  33. malc
  34. silver machine
  35. ezzo York
  36. mariesnogoose

  1. now closed
  2. reserve list
Hi Gordon, I'm going to be unable to make this meet, got big van problems at moment!