Motorhome wild camping


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Hi all. Curiosity , what do you call/,classify wild camping as. Is it parking anywhere. Pub car park ,town car park, roadside lay- by,sea fronts , anywhere where you can legally park or as we do ,,wild camping is. Parking somewhere legally away from civilisation/ pubs / car parks etc. No ehu. Cooking own meals The reason I ask is. We asked for recommendations for places to wild camp. Quiet away from civilisation villages houses etc. The answers came back as pub car parks. Farm shops village car parks etc. The only reason we stop every 3/4days at civilised places is for ehu. Recharge refill etc( now wildebus you know why I want my charging sorted out). Ok. Let's see how many variations of wild camping there is. Brian. Jenny


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Never stopped in a pub carpark, only time I use a lay-by is at Dalwhinnie on the military road which is quiet and remote.
Everyone to their own but wilding to me is in the wilds as faraway from civilisation as possible. No way would I park up in a town centre or on a seaside resort roadside surrounded by cars and motorhomes etc.


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Wild camping? Miles from civilisation?
Best of luck with that south and east of Birmingham.
Park4night is probably the best you could use to find somewhere anything like you’re looking for.
Apologies to POI wild camping. I find it easier to use.
LOL. Covering my back, again.?


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I can’t keep a straight face and say wild camping... in a 7.5mtr motorhome with satellite tv, central heating and en suite facilities ?
It’s also hard to find wilderness any where near where we live so to us “wild camping” is simply being off-grid rather than paying £30 for the privilege of putting your handbrake on for a few hours on a campsite. We have found Powys in mid Wales to be the most welcoming for motorhomes and allowing overnight parking otherwise we have to make do with welcoming pub car parks. Search for sites and park 4 night have provided us with plenty of options both in the uk and Europe.


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I would never use pub parking,apart from i dont do the rot your liver stuff you are likely here to go out to van to either find windows smashed or it vanished.


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Hi all. Hey wildebus. That photo reminded me of that song. Lonesome me. Was it empty when you arrived or did they all leave when you arrived. Your a long way from home. Touring or work. Ha ha. Enjoy yourself. Brian


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"Wildcamping" is, for us, wherever we can park, without upsetting people that matter.
We have done, pub car parks, side streets in towns, railway station car parks, set back laybys, country car parks and parking spaces, outside someone's house that we know, a SeaLife car park and even a service station in Europe... hell we have even used Aires and camp sites. :)


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Very Good, good bad and indifferent

Very Good - A ski resort car-park in the summer. 1 other camper, Cows fields and mountains and a babbling brook
Good (sometimes very good sometimes indifferent) - many French aires and German Stellplatz
Indifferent - station car-park or town car-park or big layby provided they are quiet.
Bad - Supermarket car-park small layby maybe 1 or 2 a year...Never say never
We regard these as "emergency only" when nothing else nearish seems any better and it is getting late !


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Hi all. Hey wildebus. That photo reminded me of that song. Lonesome me. Was it empty when you arrived or did they all leave when you arrived. Your a long way from home. Touring or work. Ha ha. Enjoy yourself. Brian
I am indeed. I went to busfest in Malvern at the weekend and just having a few more days doing whatever I fancy :D
Went to the Fleet Air Arm museum yesterday in Yeovil (got a big interest in aviation). Today I went to Marwell Zoo near Winchester to see my favourite animal (Used to go to Marwell frequently when I lived down in Berkshire).

Carpark was empty when I got there and didn't get another car in it until around 8AM this morning when someone arrived to, I think, walk their dog in the field. (There was another carpark at the side of the pub which was used mostly. I guess where I was was an overflow?).

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