**PREMIUM EVENT** 14th - 19th November 2024 @ Goosnargh Social Club **PREMIUM EVENT** 14th - 19th November 2024 @ Goosnargh Social Club
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Whittingham & Goosnargh Sports And Social Club
Thursday, November 14, 2024 - 10:00 AM
Until: Tuesday, November 19, 2024 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
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Start: Thursday, November 14, 2024 - 10:00 AM
End: Tuesday, November 19, 2024 - 01:00 PM
I will be taking some t shirts and hats with me to the Goosnargh rally this weekend 16th November 2023, if you would like to purchase any come and see me or Lorraine (y)
A bit late for this one I guess - Yes please Jeff - could you add us to the reserve list for 5 nights please and tickets if possible. Thanks
Can you put Peter Griffos down for this - if it helps he is not bothered about the concert. Can he just come camping - let me know please and Ill pass it on.
Can you put Peter Griffos down for this - if it helps he is not bothered about the concert. Can he just come camping - let me know please and Ill pass it on.
Yes he can just come camping, I have got a huge reserve list for people who want concert tickets 👍
Hi Jeff, just checking if you need to pay campsite fees before end June as well?
Hello Phil
No we will collect campsite fees on arrival at the venue, I have returned your ticket payment, if you can resend as friends and family then that would be good and it will also keep Lorraine happy as she is keeping the payment sheet up to date . Also can you please update your contact details in the link below Thank you

*** SOLD OUT ***

Thursday November 14th until Tuesday November 19th 2024
0 tickets remaining
The Reserves list is now full also

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you have got your name down for tickets and find out that you can no longer attend then please let me know ASAP, as I have got a large list of reserves wanting to attend. Thank you

Max 60 vans

As a thank you for your support and for being a full member of, we are pleased to announce that we have booked a 6 piece 2 tone Ska band called Midlife, the band are very popular and regularly play at numerous large venues including Butlins Skegness and have also supported Madness on one of their recent tours, There are only 100 tickets allocated, and they are on a first come, first served basis, the tickets are only £7 each, and they are worth every penny, the campsite is £11 per night, ALL vans will be on hard standing. If you would like to attend please ask on this thread only, with how many nights you are attending (Minimum of 2 Nights) and how many tickets you require for the band on Saturday evening

Here is the link for the ticket payments, ALL tickets must be paid for BEFORE THE END OF JUNE 2024, if you have not paid by the end of JUNE, then I will presume that you no longer want to attend and your tickets will be passed on to the 1st reserve on the waiting list

I will be ordering some SKA red Fez hats, if you would like one they are £2.50 each, and some SKA t shirts £10 each, for us to wear at the event, you can purchase one off me or Lorraine when you see us, anytime between now and the event

Dogs are welcome at campsite and in the clubhouse (Except the Saturday evening event), all dog mess must be cleaned up

The campsite has got showers, toilets, water, elsan point and rubbish disposal

EHU will be available to book on a 4 hour time slot per day, details to follow later

The clubhouse will be open from 10.00am, for use to use during the daytime, and we can bring our own food and drinks UNTIL the bar opens

Entertainment (in the clubhouse)

Thursday - 20.00pm Social evening

Friday - 19.00pm Gordons world famous raffle , followed by Sticky 13s with Admin

Saturday - DOORS OPEN 19.30pm, Top of the bill show MIDLIFE ska band on stage approx 21.00pm (dress as 80s Ska / Mods or just dress as normal if you wish)

Sunday - 19.30pm Quiz

Monday - 20.00pm wind down from a fantastic weekend of entertainment

Hi Jeff
Did you forget Lorna and I as we discussed at the new Year rally I can’t see us listed for this rally?
Dave H
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Can you put me down for all 5 nights please Jeff, just me and the dawgs :)