New 4000 post race - £100 in vouchers for the winner!


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We are starting a new 4000 post race, with a difference.

Charity is starting this thread, so for every post made Charity will get 5 Reward Points and another 5 Reward Points for every like given to this opening post.


1) The person making the 4,000th post in this thread will win £100 in vouchers.
2) The person making the 1,000th, 2,000th, and 3,000th post in this thread will win a Motorhomer mug.
3) Your post must contain a message, not just a . or other meaningless posts.
4) You may not post consecutive posts, there must be a gap of at least one post between your posts.
5) Invalid posts will be deleted
6) Cheats will be disqualified.

So come on £100 to be won!


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I’m all for a change - what about starting with words related to food and drink, last letter starts the next word again?
Phil, Thanks for the mug.