NEW FOREST, Hampshire JULY 30th - AUGUST 4th

NEW FOREST, Hampshire JULY 30th - AUGUST 4th
Posted by moonshadow
50.786865, -1.563676
Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 11:00 AM
Until: Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 11:00 AM
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Rally Organiser

The meet is on, yay! The meet will have to be governed by the current Government restrictions. Fees are £8 per unit per night, excellent value for school holidays in the New Forest.

Please also read this:

The meet is in a field, water, rubbish bins and toilet emptying, but no toilets this year for your own safety. Please be hygiene mindful for you and others when you use the water, elsan and bins. NO FIRES, the area is very vulnerable, GAS BARBECUES ONLY supervised and off the ground.

Dogs are allowed on site but must be kept under control at all times and are not allowed on other pitches.

The nearest pub is now The Rosie Lea tea rooms, restaurant & bar, The Filly Inn is 1.1 miles up the road, the vineyard (see below) a bit further, The Red Lion is .8 mile down the road and The Fleur de Lys dating back to 1096 is a bit further on at 1.6 miles.

There is a security gate which has to be locked at night, arrivals strictly 10am - 6pm. It would be helpful when you book if you could indicate how many nights you plan to stay and which day you plan to arrive.

FEES (£8 per unit per night) IN CASH ON ARRIVAL, in a sealed envelope with your name, forum name, registration number, number of nights and amount enclosed written on the outside.

Please bring bags that can be tied/sealed to put your rubbish in before putting in the bin. Dog waste in a separate bin.

There is an hourly bus to Brockenhurst/Southampton and Lymington which stops at the gate, this will have restricted capacity. Will have timetable at the meet.

There's a huge very popular STREET MARKET IN LYMINGTON on Saturdays. which is now open.

The CAR BOOT sale is happening but it may be scaled down a little from last year.

Lymington to Yarmouth (IOW) ferry will be running from 17th July every 2 hours. Will have timetable & prices at the meet

The New Forest Tour bus is running! Will have prices/info at the meet.

VINEYARD, sadly for you wine buffs there are no tours nor wine tasting because of Covid. However, there is a tearoom, a very well stocked licensed farm shop ( 9-5.30 Monday to Saturday, 10-5 Sunday) and a garden centre (same hours as shop) all following strict guidelines.

Here is a link to my post listing campsites open on the New Forest if you want to extend your stay


The list:

  1. Moonshadow - Sue & Martin - 5 nights (confirmed)
  2. Geeky Philip - Phil - 5 nights (confirmed)
  3. Ramblefrog - Bev & Alex (confirmed)
  4. RoaminRog - Rog & Chris (confirmed)
  5. Trotter - Derek (confirmed)
  6. Lee - Lee & Linda (confirmed)
  7. Lands43 - Les & Sue - 5 nights (confirmed)
  8. Jenrai - David (confirmed)
  9. 4x4man - Kevin & Gwen - 5 nights (confirmed)
  10. Horace - Colin & Sue + Molly (confirmed)
  11. TissyD - Jacki & Chris - 5 nights (confirmed)
  12. Nimmo777 - Derek & Hazel - 5 nights (confirmed)
  13. Peter51 - Peter (confirmed)
  14. Greengrass - Dave & Rhona (confirmed)
  15. Shonky - Mark (confirmed)
  16. Rayphotoman - Ray & Jean (confirmed)
  17. Minisorella - Jennie (confirmed)
  18. Xsilvergs - Tony & Chris 5 nights (confirmed)
  19. Alwaysared - 5 nights (confirmed)
  20. Dorwyn - Geoff & Carol (confirmed)
  21. Mark135 - Mark & Val 5 nights (confirmed)
  22. CherryPirate - Colin & Tina 5 nights (confirmed)
  23. aajjii - Adrian & Julie 4 nights (confirmed)
  24. Billyhilly - Paul & Ann - 5 nights (confirmed)
  25. Forcesixwindy -Lorna & Graham-5 nights (confirmed)
  26. Juke - Mo & Mike - 5 nights (confirmed)
  27. Glenn - 4 nights (confirmed)
  28. Mr Torchy (confirmed)
  29. Wully (confirmed)
  30. Archiemutt - Claire & Craig (confirmed)
  31. Jackbean (confirmed)
  32. Mr & Mrs Tupcox (confirmed)
  33. Joncaton (confirmed)
  34. Geraldine - Mandie & David (confirmed)
  35. Rugbyken (confirmed)
  36. Trappers - Jenny & Andy (confirmed)
  37. Compost (confirmed)
  38. Izwozral (confirmed)
  39. Trigger - Malc & Cathy (confirmed)
  40. Living Life - David (confirmed)
  41. SydnSue - Syd & Sue (confirmed)
  42. Cobraman (confirmed)
  43. Salvage1 - Norman & Karen (confirmed)
  44. Donrevy - Phil & Sue (confirmed)
  45. Shane - Shane & Heather - 2 nights (Fri & Sat) - (confirmed)
  46. Wanderlust - Paul & Ruth (confirmed)
  47. AvalonAdventurers - Andrew & Sharon (confirmed)
  48. MyCamper - Mike (confirmed)
  49. Meloc8 (confirmed)
  50. Gecko278 - Jon, Yvonne & Jye (confirmed)
  51. A Nutter (confirmed)
  52. Dulvil (confirmed)
  53. The Coggins - Karen & Adrian (confirmed)
  54. Full Member - Colin (confirmed)
  55. Hamishhymer - Nigel, Fran, Stirling & Luke
  56. St3v3
  57. Monicadiamond
  58. Nabsim - Neil & Caz/Shane

Reserve list
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Rally Organiser

Yes please Sue we'd love to come.
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Please put us down again.
We will be there for the duration.

Looking forward to it already. Thanks.
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Can you add me please Sue, I am sure someone will be with me, Shane will probably jump in the van again if Caz doesn’t come 👍


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really looking forward to coming down if we are allowed, ha ha .
could we be included please 5 nights.
Kevin and Gwen