Park up views the good, bad, ugly

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Mellon Udrigle

What a gem

Really lovely owners and Simply views, views and more views.

There is a 3.5k walk just off the site. With guess what even more views.

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Years ago I rented a cottage in laide, and walked often to Mellon udrigle beautiful area, a note was left saying please keep the gate closed or the sheep will move in, a very special place indeed


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whilst living in Virginia water we had a plane taking off or landing every 48 seconds, during the night( midnight- 5am) Heathrow we’re allowed to have 55 planes active that’s still 11 per hour, we lived in the most expensive place outside the city of London so pleased we are now mobile and can change our view at will


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A rather cramped park up, could be here a while, but the views round about aren’t bad.
We have some company, and if we can’t do what we want we’re doing what we can.

Home brewed beer barrelled today.
Wine going in the bucket next.09CF8060-011D-45F6-A8FF-56BC1DDAAF33.jpeg76C254FA-D1E7-4DAF-BEC4-467B8DC8DEF3.jpegD6CDFEE0-62BF-49BC-B155-F21A3A96D552.jpegFEFAC343-137D-45F5-9904-105D8BE837A5.jpegA5306489-0488-4617-8131-4F63204C67FD.jpeg