Propex Malaga 5 Water Heater


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Hi All,

I have just started my first van build. I am installing a gas stove and oven which is being fed from a 30lt tank underneath the van. With this min mind I thought why not also heat the water for shower, taps etc using a gas heater, especially one like the Propex Malaga as its exhaust gases can be flued to outside the vehicle making it far safer than the "portable gas water heaters".

Has anyone fitted one of these?
Are they any good?
Any other thoughts or recommendations?



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I thought about Malaga too but it was way above my budget.
So I opt for Truma Therme tt2
Heating up from propex or webasto using hot air flow or 300w electric as quick heating option.


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You've also got the Truma Ultrastore 10GE as an option.
I had a Malaga 4E in my old van, cant fault it. The current build I have a truma ultrastore 10GE due to the optional multi temperature gas and multi power 240v

I got it in a deal - £325 last year :)

Now, its c. £400. Which isn't bad in the scheme of things.

On a serious note - yes, you 100% want a "proper" heater designed for caravan/motorhome. Do not buy cheap and get the Chinese or non rated gas heaters with no flue. Yeah, you may be okay and survive. Equally you may not. Get proper vented stuff (goes for heating too - though the Chinese diesel heaters can be ok if you are lucky). And, of course, CO alarm.