Sikaflex....what one?


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What sikaflex do I need to secure a solar panel to the roof of my campervan please?
Thanks for the advice.


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I've used this on my sat dish and solar been in place for a few years now


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But before applying wipe down with something like Sikaflex Aktivator 205 after prepping all surfaces.
Always use a bed of at least 3mm of Sikaflex. Ceramic tile spacers are handy as a guide.
I’m a cack handed so n so. But even with my lack of DIY skills, the panel is still where I put it.


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Not many MH/Caravan roofs are fibre glass these days...although MH ones are becoming more popular...Hailstone deflectability I believe!!
It also sticks Aluminium and it really does stick down.
Not sure if you are aware, but some Sika is a glue and some a sealant and possibly some are in-between
Anyway, I have used this on a couple ov vans without any problems
The man at Sika recommended this type


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Don't forget as well as Sika, Stixall etc. adheres to a gelcoat or a coated
finish to steel or aluminium, it'll only be as good as that in turn is
adhering to it's substrate.

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Personally speaking I tried various Sikaflex products and followed their instructions to the letter and was very disapointed with the results, from then on I have always used Stixall which is cheaper and it sticks like SH*T !

As for sticking a solar panel on the roof of a van, even with the remotest chance of it coming unstuck, as this is the case I would never/ever do such a thing and would always use a permanent form of attachment.


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My understanding was 512 is more a sealant (it says 'adhesive sealant for caravans and motorhomes' on the tube I have). It has a picture of a motorhome including the roof with various things on it (TV antenna, solar panels). To me that does not imply the sealant is what attaches those things, merely that it seals them.

I used 292i which is more an adhesive (as well as screws into the roof). There's no English on the tube I have, but it looks to be a marine structural adhesive.
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The singularly most important matter anyone must bear in mind when they are sticking on a solar panel is to make absolutely certain the adhesive is at the correct thickness and I believe that is 2mm.

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