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Where do your dogs sleep? We have a young small medium labradoodle who, at home, sleeps in a crate. We are about to embark on a trip in our VW T5 and wil; be using an awning as we are staying on a site. Not sure whether to utilise the double front passenger seat or tie her in the awning - thoughts? or what are views on a travel crate? It’s what she’s used to certainly ....


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Chloe slept in her bed on the dinette seat, same as when travelling (except then she is clipped into the harness). Or on the box which we had in front of the seat as below!
If we didn't have the dinette, she would have her bed on the double passenger seat. Is she going to travel in the crate or a harness? I would have thought the crate might take up more space than you have easily available? As long as safely restrained and happy, I don't think it matters. Probably depends how "active" your young dog is when in a vehicle....Chloe is a sedate 10yrs old!


Ours sleeps in the van, usually on my feet. I wouldn't be happy with having my dog in the awning. A possible target for thieves.


As your dog is used to snuggling down in a crate, I'd say stick with that idea... depends on space though. It should also be easy enough to anchor for travelling. Dogs do like to feel secure and having access to the familiar bedding will make her feel right at home... plus it'll keep her away from stumbling feet in a small space. If the door of the crate is open whenever you're parked up, then she's free to choose where she feels most safe and comfortable. I agree with Sue about the awning, plus you'd still have to lock your van door, so poor pooch wouldn't be able to get to you.


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I turn the front seat round and put the dogs bed on the seat and she will sleep all night in it . when we are traveling she will travel on our bed at the rear


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In my T4 Reg slept on the bed - there wasn't anywhere else big enough and at home he sleeps on my bed too.

In my Win the fixed bed is too high for him jump on so he has his own bed under the table behind the driver's seat. When travelling he is anchored there, but normally gets as close to the gap between the seats as he can.


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When we had a Mazda Bongo, similar size to a T5, we started with the dog on the front seat. soon got fed up with the hairs and dog breathe in our faces come morning. He was also used to being created. So we bought a cheap tent that was easy to pop up. Put blankets below and over the crate, and the crate went into the tent. He was perfectly happy there all night and until late morning, when we lay in! It also had enough room to store tables and chairs et cetera when we went out for the day.


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When we went away a few weeks ago it was the first time Misty had been in the van,when traveling she was in a harness in between the two front seats ( we only have the two traveling seats) in her bed,and she loved it at home she is in a crate during the night as she has always been since we got her,so we took her crate for the van even though we didn’t have that much room but we decided to try her just in her bed first night in between the front seats she wasn’t sure about that,so the next night I put her in front of the fire,in her bed and she slept all night no bother,we did think she would bother us but she was no trouble and she seemed to like it because she was near us!..but I must point out if we go out that she goes in her crate at nighttime at home

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