Solar controller setting

I have just fitted a new solar controller which has a PV OFF setting or ( high voltage disconnect ) as default it’s set to 14.4 volts is this correct for my led acid battery 120ah I watched a video on line of someone setting this to 14.1 but I thought you had to take a battery to 14.4 to fully charge it
What battery have you got? (14.4V is pretty typical for most but some batteries do have different needs)
iu-3.jpeg This might be of use, six cells for a standard 12v battery. I would think the charging voltage etc will be correct ,or near enough, as applied by the regulators manufacturers. Voltages well in excess of 14.5v are common in vehicle battery charging. Just check your engine battery voltage when the engine is running.


I know the question is about Voltage level, but I would be wary about the current (amp) numbers on the chart above if also reading those. The graph pattern I would agree with, but the quoted current values should - IMO - be ignored as misleading.
Different manufacturers and different batteries have different limits but reckon on a maximum current of around 10% to 25% of battery capacity as a rule of thumb, depending on your own battery. In other words, if you had a lead acid battery of 100Ah capacity, you would charge at a rate of 10-25A maximum (so if you want that on a per-cell basis, between around 1. 5A - 4A
(FWIW, on my Leoch AGMS, I use 14.4V as max voltage (goes higher when cold, so this time of year, if the charger has temperature compensation, don't be surprised to see higher), and a charge rate of 25% (so for my bank of 380Ah, my 120A charger is limited to 95A))

Dead right. I was trying to answer the question regarding voltage. Perhaps I should have cropped the current curve out.