Solar panels

Well I’ve got started on rearranging the solar panels. I’ve had to remove the front panel so that I can fit a wind deflector. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll take the other three panels off and bolt all four together, with strengtheners along the front and back to support them. By Tuesday I would like to think that I’ll have the panels refitted to the roof,along with the hinge mechanisms.
Here’s a couple of pictures for starters:-


Looks good Jeff, can I park next to you at the frog, I'll sook up your excess solar harvest. (y)
Jeff, nice one mate, looking forward to the following posts......the only way is up.

I can see it now you and Rae circling around, to follow the sun.

Come on Rae we need a song may be 'circles of your mind' or something better.

How about the FAB comes the

Love it, I can't wait for Rae's reaction.
Perhaps they both should have a recording for when they are manoeuvring the vans.
How's this one for a starter:

Has to be, Middle of the Road.

Terry my vote is with you at the moment.
You can see what I mean about Rae when music is mentioned he will even put down the spanner or file and take up the challenge.

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