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3,542 it says here.
I was irritated when the original 'Give Peas A Chance' was changed to 'Give Helch A Chance' but I'm very happy with this paint job.
Incidentally, I always preferred the theory that the original was a reference to a Beatles song.

Colin :):):)


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'Give Peas A Chance' ...................
............. a reference to a Beatles song.
Think you'll find Colin that the reference was made in the spoof film The Rutles.
Rae has just advised me that originally "George Davis Is Innocent" was daubed on the bridge.


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This is what Mr Google says
Peas" was reportedly the name of a London graffiti artist who daubed his name on the M25's only Edwardian bridge, near Denham.

The words "give" and "a chance" were added later, with the amended graffiti thought to refer to his frequent arrests, according to an historic building report by Oxford Archaeology.

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