The Engine Rebuild


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it will be worth it in the end
Hello Terry,
I hope so. It was my dream van that turned into a nightmare. Once the engine is done the next big outlay will be reupholstering the furniture but, hopefully, that will come in a couple of years time. Lost a lot of interest in the van but, you know, today when I drove it down to the garage, as sick as it is, I still love it......and it can only get better.



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Please don't lose interest in what is a beautiful van Rae, looking at the the way you have tackled all the projects on the van I suspect it is just because this problem is out of your hands, I do not like anyone working on mine because nobody does it to my standards, sometimes you have no choice but I hope it is resolved soon, driving it with a rebuilt engine will rejuvenate your interest


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You just need a couple of trouble free trips under your belt and all will be well in Streetsleeper world. Our van is just under 3 years old and we always have a list of repairs. Just van life.


Don't lose interest now.......your nearly past the winning line,

Oddly enough, I was thinking the other day that you had made a good choice, the story behind that thought.......a local garage branches out into affordable m otorhomes over the summer and we stopped off to have a nosy, Several vans between 13 to 18 thousand, which isn't a lot for a motorhome, but may well be if your looking to buy something with savings or taking a loan.
Anyway, they all had a well used look about them...easy to see when you know what to look for...but not so easy when you have rose tinted specs on.
There was one ,however, that was in fine fettle, an Autosleeper, that because of its build quality, still stood head and shoulders above the rest, an absolute bargain for someone provided it was ok mechanically.

You chose well.


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Work has started. Drove past this evening and there it was, tucked away in the workshop, bonnet up so I can only deduce from this that all is going to plan. If you look carefully you should be able to see the evidence through the window (the square window, for ex Play School watchers).




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Feel for you Rae, We lost Geraldine to the workshop for 5 months one summer when her cam chain tensioner broke.
She ended up having a new chain and tensioner fitted plus head gasket screed as warped. Felt messed about for various reasons. We had to compromise on costs involved in the end. The garage in question still does her yearly Mot. He hates her but knows her inside out now. Lol


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My part of the strip down.
When the engine was converted to LPG the fitter took three attempts to get the position of the injector pipes right. What he left was eight holes that needed filling in properly; all he had done was left the original rubber pipes and stuck bolts in the end.


So what I decided to do was remove the pipes and place allen bolts in their position. Quite a tricky job as I wasn't 100% happy with the thread that had been tapped into a plastic inlet manifold.


Well now it's off and I can get full access, I will redo the job and I will cut the lengths off the bolts so they don't protrude.



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