Time for us all to get a dash cam !


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Love it that’s the stupid ones but how many get away with it. Once had a guy deliberately slam brakes on with no stop lights hit the back of him at about 5mph he tried to screw my insurance and sue me for loss off earnings and damage to his back using a claims company I found out where he lived and followed him with a witness for a couple of days videoing him lifting slabs building fences and running his landscaping business I phoned his lawyer told him to drop claim or I’d go to insurance company and the police with videos never heard another thing from them. Paid him a visit at his house showed him and his wife videos and she got all mouthy until she realised I was giving them a chance She soon shut her gub when she seen what I had. Rats..


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The 2 young lads between 3:00 and 3:50 just about says what this shyte hole of a country has turned into :mad:


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Had a dash cam on van in Cornwall had a side on side knock in one of the many country lanes if it wasn’t for the dash cam recording time date and speed leading up to the accident could have cost me thousands ,because of the footage
Court threw case out.dont always need it but when you do could be money well spent .

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