[UPDATED 20/3 22:45] Motorhomer Rallies - Please read!

Geeky Philip


CURRENT UPDATE DATE 20th March 22:45


At the moment there is a great deal of uncertainty around public gatherings and coronavirus. This message contains the latest information that we have. Please look at the date at the top of this message to see when it was last updated.

As we now have had advice from the government that we should not hold unnecessary gatherings or under take unnecessary travel we have cancelled the following rallies:

Lochore country meadows - 26th - 30th March
Whitwell and Reepham station - 2nd - 7th April

Dereham Blues Festival - 8th - 12th July

Other rallies:

The rally organisers and I will be assessing each rally 14 days before the rally is due to start. This is because at the moment no one is sure how long these measures will need to be in place. I will contact each person on the list for rallies to let them know the outcome.

Hereford May Bank Holiday - will be assessed on 23rd April
Motorhomer Annual Rally 2020 - will be assessed on 7th May
The green frog( May) - will be assessed on 12th May
New Forest - will be assessed on 16th July
Hereford Summer bank holiday - will be assessed on 13th August

Key Points:

  • If the rallies are cancelled then you will receive a full refund.
  • We will expect all members attending rallies to do their best to stop the spread of this virus.
  • If you at not happy to attend a rally then you will be able to cancel and receive a full refund

Orkney Rally:

  • The current prediction is that the peak of the outbreak will have past before this rally.
  • Most members will be travelling to Orkney to experience the location and visit tourist attractions. If these attractions are closed you may wish to consider not attending.
  • We will expect all members attending rallies to do their best to stop the spread of this virus.
  • If you at not happy to attend a rally then you will be able to cancel and receive a full refund
If we have a lot of cancellations where there are no reserves then I may have to cancel the rally. The campsite booking is based on a fixed fee for the site. If this should happen everyone will receive a full refund once the council refund me. I will look at alternative solutions closer to the time such as seeing if the members attending wish to contribute towards the loss and make it manageable. But for now, the rally is going ahead as planned.

Should you have any questions please send me a message and I will do my best to answer them.

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It is interesting how these things spread. I was surprised and glad that such a small number of people came down with the Hereford Flu. That was a nasty experience.


Rally Organiser

Thanks, that saves all the questions and uncertainty. You have said you assess 14 days before but the dates you have listed are only 7 days before?


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Thanks for the update Phil and for taking the responsibility to ensure that all forum members are informed on the situation and advising on what actions we should take. Please take care of yourself and your family.


Rally Organiser

Thanks for the clarity there Phil, it’s going to answer a lost of questions, before they get asked.
As you probably know, we didn’t get away on our grand day out, so are hiding in St David’s at the mo’
Not much fun here though, no one to talk to, everyone too scared to interact with one another. Let’s hope a vaccine appears over the horizon, before too long!


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Thanks for this information Phil, I was wondering. We will, no doubt, be a different country once this has passed over. I am wondering if a travel ban is to be imposed so we may not be able to go on self isolated travel - I will miss this. I am trying to follow all the rules despite my somewhat rebellious nature!
Stay well, Phil and family,


Formally Mikan
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Thanks Phil for all the updates. Certainly this will be a very uncertain year.
Be positive.

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