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Nik had one of her, talk in her sleep nights last night. So laying there waiting for her to shurup, I started thinking of this and that. and came up with this, based on I'm sorry I'll read that again's, UED.
For instance. Deliver = One of my vital organs
Deluge = My event in the Winter Olympics
Delete = I'm not on time
Sleep finally came, or she did in fact shurup. Can't remember others. This isn't meant to make sense, but in the early hours, not much does.:confused:


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Posts 4&5. Good try.
Initially it should start Del, but what ever. Life’s too short to worry. Make life a lot easier this way.
Although a letter from a Mrs Trellis of North Wales has come in complaining about not listening to my wife ?


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If she thinks she doesn't waffle in her slumber, remind her that denial ain't just a river in Egypt :)


Detail= it's now illegal to do this to dogs.


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Senior moment on my first post.
Should read “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue”
Put it down to being cream crackered having little sleep ?


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Not a D word, pero, I liked it.
Appearing = An Iphone app that pierces your ear while you talk on it.


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For those who have lost their original gnashers.

Delousing ..getting rid of MPs

Demeaning anyone get demeaning of.......

Electrocuting pretty Xmas lights

Debriefing ..I leave the reader to interpret as they wish

Intense..when there is no more room in the MoHo


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Cheating again
Trilingual = To try and try to speak many languages, while not being able to maintain a conversation in any of them.
The term is also known as Trylingual.