WANTED!! Part-Time Warden at Cornish Farm Touring Park


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Wanted - Part-time Warden at Cornish Farm Touring Park

Cornish Farm Touring Park needs a 3rd warden to assist the couple who look after the site already. A 3rd warden is needed so that holidays and days off can be covered fully. The 3rd position can be filled either by a couple or a single person. This person or persons lives on site completely free of charge. In exchange for pitch rental fees, the 3rd warden receives no income and only works 2 days a week and an additional 28 days (which are paid) when the main wardens take their holidays. The 3rd warden also accrues holiday entitlement @ 10 days (5 weeks pro rata).
The wardens’ duties here are fairly light and it is more a lifestyle than a job. The site is not huge, having 50 electric hook up points, with 25 of them on gravelled hard standings. The wardens live on site, on their own pitch, which is extra large with ample room for a motorhome/caravan and car. The warden pitches are adjacent to the office with the availability of a shed for garden furniture and bits and bobs. The positioning of these pitches also allows the wardens to keep an eye on visitors coming and going.
The wardens’ pitch is free of charge, as is electricity and also includes the use of the laundry facilities. There are no rates to pay as this facility is a condition of the job. The hours are really cumulous and fluid because, when the site is busy, there is more to do. In effect, it is 2 days a week, but work will depend on weather conditions.

The following explains the normal duties of the wardens but when cover is being provided by the 3rd warden on his or her own, then obviously the duties will be spread accordingly.
The office is normally open as and when required but first thing in the morning for a couple of hours and again late afternoon tends to be the norm. When the site is busy, one warden tends to be in or around the office to meet arrivals and take monies from arriving and departing guests. When it is quieter, there is a door bell on the office that can be switched to buzz in the wardens van so no one has to sit watching the clock waiting for someone to turn up. Presently, the wardens clean the shower block (of which we expect very high standards) in the mornings/midday, which seems to suit everyone. With regard to answering the telephone, all calls should be covered by the wardens whenever possible and we request that the occasional call into early evening also be answered before the answerphone cuts in (again if possible) as we find that if customers bother to phone they actually want to make a reservation. We also have internet booking facilities through our website. These enquiries notified to us via email, must be acknowledged at the earliest possible convenience to make sure our customers know their booking has been confirmed.

However, at certain times of the year, the grass needs to be cut regularly and when possible, trimming of the hedges and bushes. Maintaining the areas and edges of the gravelled roads and pitches is always necessary to maintain the pristine standards of this site. We have an array of mechanical devices to make these tasks as easy and pleasurable as possible. We also have a great device that tows along behind the tractor to flatten the gravel and to evenly distribute it. These tasks are more time consuming in the Summer when things grow more quickly. In the Winter, the weather leaves you with less desire to be outside, but thankfully, once the Autumn dropping of the leaves has been cleared from areas such as the main entrance, there is very little maintenance that needs doing. There will be times when wall and fence painting is needed and the outside of the toilet block also requires the removal of dead flies and cobwebs as and when required.

The 2 days worked cover the costs of living at Cornish Farm Touring Park. As previously stated, living at Cornish Farm Touring Park does not incur any overheads so no costs will be incurred. The holiday entitlement will total 10 days but cannot be taken over Bank Holiday periods with the exception of Christmas Day and New Years Day.
Holidays, trips and time away are no problem as long as planned properly with sensible notice.

If you have any questions or need more information on any points, please contact either Eddie or Lyn.

Van Bitz & Cornish Farm Touring Park Cornish Farm, Shoreditch, TAUNTON TA3 7BS

Tel: Van Bitz 01823 321992/353235,
Campsite: 01823 327746,
email: lyn@vanbitz.com,
websites: www.vanbitz.com www.cornishfarm.com


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????? If you're meaning what days of the week etc, this is worked out between yourself and the full time warden. If it when we need this post filled/season worked, our site is open all year round so pretty much needed as soon as someone becomes available.