What have you fixed on your motorhome this week


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I have finally fixed the speedometer on the van I broke the cabal during my engine up grade from a 2.5 td to 2.8 iT'd
nice to know how slow I am going.
Aso put a new plug in my diesel hatter to keep the hab aria nice and toasty when winter wild camping
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Got round to updating my DC cables to better suit the 2500W inverter I fitted ages in place of the 1000W inverter I originally cabled up for.

Cables by David, on Flickr
Originally had 25mm (one in the middle), which is a fair bit heavier than the typical 'heavy duty' cable 16mm cable often used (top one), but changed over to the 50mm cable (bottom) to better suit the 200A+ I was occasionally seeing being pulled (the 25mm cable was getting quite warm to the touch).
I also replaced the 25mm cable that was supplied with the inverter with 50mm as well for good measure :)


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I also fitted a strip of led ligts and three lights I got Frome lidi Theas had plugs fitted cut off plugs to wire in to 12v they work very well and don't draw as much with three times the light


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Not fixed yet, but a hardwire kit for my dash cam arrived from eBay today. Done my preliminary planning etc, but won’t install till after Christmas as the kit will become a present from one of my kids. Useful to take the pressure off me since all of he family are asking what do I want for Christmas, and of course my usual answer is ‘I need for nothing’.



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Seeing as I am unable to get them fixed, I have completed the bypass on the water heater and isolated the van convector heater. So now it is cold showers and a portable heater


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I fitted LED strip lights above the overhead lockers years ago but they have been playing up because the connectors that join the strips together were constantly becoming disconnected resulting in losing power to the following strip, this week I removed it all and fitted new strips and soldered the joints, now they all work as they should, I can even have them flashing for Xmas:cool:



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Fixed my multimeter as it wasn’t showing any readings when switched to DC Amps, 20 amp fuse blown. Checked my EBL unit to see what it was drawing when no consumers were connected, was ok , so must be my batteries going duff. Expensive business this moho lark.


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LEDs are one of the best inventions of last 20 years love them I fitted pvc ceilings in two bathrooms yesterday fitted new cable loop and 20 leds in no time and the effect is great the plus side very little heat on plastic ceilings and a nice clean light chuffed that’s me got every light in house on leds now


Interior led lights,thanks rae, made up and fitted fridge winter covers ,too tight to buy proper ones at 45£ odds ,
£3 for foam board from hobb craft ,wastepipe to do
We need pictures.

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