What is this goo (adhesive)


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To fit the replacement spare wheel carrier I will need to remove the shield under the van that stops muck getting up through the gas locker vent, and then replace it.

It is fixed in place with a soft putty like adhesive. This is similar to that used around the roof vents.

I will need to buy some to refit the shield. What is it?



I think this is the stuff LINK but it is a sealant rather than an adhesive and the cover would need some sort of fixing.


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Its panel sealant as used in many car panel repair shops and can be bought from any car paint suppliers.
Its not a primary adhesive to hold the panel on, more of a gap filler to waterproof the joint. The rest of the coating is underseal bought from same place.


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Used to be called dum dum when used as bulkhead moldable seal/sealant years ago!
Modern vehicles must have a modern version.
I would love to know as well.

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