Where are you heading?


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I am hoping to get away for a month in Bavaria in June, we went there over Xmas and New Year and we loved it, some of the roads were closed then so there are still a lot of sights to see


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A week doing the Edinburgh Fringe (using a campsite I’m afraid) then off to recover by finding some peace and quiet in Holland for a few weeks.
We much prefer to do wilding Scotland out of season although we take short breaks locally - just back from 3 super days in Findhorn.


Just off for a three week tour including a couple of Citroen rallies and the Anglesey meet. After that Norfolk, London and a Shuttleworth air show. In August the Isle of Man for three weeks for the classic tt. Off to California for the sun in late October, can’t take the van though.


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We are off tomorrow for 4 weeks'ish and will be heading north to do the outer Hebrides after Mull... Or we might head south as far as Devon and Cornwall and back via llyn Peninsular...
Or, or.... We never really know until we are on our way.

Choices choices...

K ;)


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We are restricted to France for a couple of weeks instead of somewhere more exciting.....had the same problem last spring :rolleyes:


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Where are you heading for your summer holidays
We were going to do the Hebrides ferry hoping departing from Oban to Harris ,Lewis etc but due to the flow of traffic I’m seeing thinking possibly going to france
Not got a lot of time this year only one month on our land in La,Azohia then 3 months in Portugal fishing I hope :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:


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The wee yin is away on a school trip for 5 days so took the opportunity of the heat wave so we’re in a beautiful wee site in Blairgowrie contemplating shall I move tomorrow or stay put the sun is beating down 24 degrees right now. Think I might have to have a beer cool down then make my decision ?


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We are mooching around Brittany for the first time.
We usually bypass and head further south but thought we should not go too far as we are off to Portugal again later this yr
Done the north west corner and down west coast. Now going up Nantes Brest Canal


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We are a little disjointed this year as Mrs GMJ is changing her meds soon (she has MS). Normally we would be away now for a month but are now planning a 2-weeker in June...probably somewhere in France. After that it will be Mon-Fri trips in the UK until Sept when we are off to Venice and the Italian Lakes for a month


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