Withdrawing Cash from Portuguese ATMs


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Withdrawing cash from Portuguese ATMs
They have fitted a new ATM in our village.
When I use my UK Card, it puts up a message, offering me a guaranteed conversion rate..With a friendly Union Jack alongside.
When I press the Reject rate button ,it repeats the warning that this rate is not guaranteed..
The difference between the 2 rates, is currently 11%..
A Euro costs me 88.7 pence .
Their guaranteed rate would charge 99.7 pence.
How many tourists are falling for this scam..?
Don't be one of them..!

It's not where you live... It's HOW you live..

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I tried to use one machine in Portugal last year but the sunwas shining directly on it and I couldn't read the screen - so I gave up and went to another. Quite a few offered to do the exchange rate for me but I declined as I thought it would probably cost me more than letting my bank do it. Glad I was right.


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We've been caught at a 'Lo-Cost' filling station in Spain who said that their bank automatically uses their own rate. It might have been true . . .

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