Xgody and Nozatec Sat Navs

Advice please. My Snooper sat nav keeps freezing and I am looking at getting a new unit. Previous threads have mentioned the Nozatec and / Xgody sat navs. How easy are they to use? I have all the CMC and C&CC sites pre loaded on the snooper. Does anyone have experience of putting them on these cheaper devices? I know I will be able to put the WC POIs on these units which I could not do on the Snooper
Hi, I have a nozatec satnav, the 7in model and i find it is a great bit of kit
One of the best features for me is that the volume is loud enough to hear in my, less than quiet van !
There is a dedicated group for this satnav on Facebook where the map updates are available ( more regularly than anywhere else)
Also user guides etc, in fact everything you need to use the satnav to it's potential.
There is also files to download - all the poi's you could wish for, including both the CMC & the C&CC club poi's

Worth having a look on the Facebook group to help you make up your mind