You have seen people put old caravans on flat beds...


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You have seen people put old caravans on flat beds...

What do you think of this?


Thats a motorcaravan body and what a good idea.


This could be the future as lezs become more prevalent. 😄


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Once a tugger always a tugger no matter how you dress it up. Have they no shame?:eek::eek:

Molly 3

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Banjo Billy loyd has caravan on truck flat bed . you tube .northern rail .
Looks a bit numb to me, glad I don't gotta tow it. Rather see a caravan grafted onto a flatbed & cut through into the cab. I likes that set up👍😃

To the 'trained eye' (and yes,I am trained) it looks a little heavy on the rear end and light on the tow bar.


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And a 4 wheel trailer behind a 2wd VW Sharan! Oh no, not for me thanks.
Had thoughts of doing this with Geraldine ( when she stops working ) but using a breakdown pick up truck to put her on! Lol
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Seen in OZ
An old campervan stripped of it's running gear and put on a trailer which is then towed by a Ute!
OZ 2008 091.JPG

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