£50 Full Member Amazon Gift Card Weekly Winner


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I am pleased to announce the winners of the £50 Full Member Amazon Gift Card Weekly

Congratulations to Terryww who has won a £50 Amazon Gift Card!


Congratulations Terry


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Congratulation Terry


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Congrats! Spend it wisely, I won a few weeks ago but can’t find anything I’m in need of - yet!

Nothing wrong with a bit of good news, is there ?
Enjoy it.

Well done spend it wisely 😂😂

Well done


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so how dose that work is it just a automatic draw ?
Next weeks draw has not been posted yet , but when it is click on the home page then just bellow the discount section is raffles click on that and then on weekly draw raffle and follow the instructions .Or the top right hand side of your screen you will see a raffle ticket ,just click on that . Good luck for next week
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Thank you very much when I get out of hospital I shuld have time to keep up well done this weeks winner