A few pics from a meet


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Looks like you pulled off another great meet Gordon . Well done (y)


Looks like a good time has been had by all.
But I would expect nothing else, with Gordon at the helm what could possibly go wrong.
Well done to everyone.


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Here’s are some I took, kept forgetting to take them though, won’t bore you with the hundred of the dogs in between these ha ha D3B74BF2-7CCA-4B10-97A6-F4F17DA5B716.jpeg 7660E5C2-CABE-41C0-BFD0-15C4C49A6C0C.jpeg 4DAE9C62-4B96-4278-B2A2-AB89E0CA426C.jpeg F7962E23-913E-4DF3-A118-8810F5AF550A.jpeg 807766E3-DB9E-4DED-AAAF-04EFDD0A1F5F.jpeg 90B48127-848D-4ED4-B58F-8CB0FF2ECA7E.jpeg F2DB0AD8-441B-43CB-9840-8DFE26A8A9FE.jpeg 807D9BD7-71BF-4757-8887-D6DB72D15F90.jpeg 56556D30-D006-4A6C-B253-1EF02D881EDD.jpeg EFD36C34-55C6-4FE2-919A-58D95B604BC9.jpeg

What is it about our Green Frog meets & Terry (Runnach) ??

Last year Terry made the Green Frog meets a byword for his efforts in trying to bury his van.

Terry felt this special achievement deserved recognition so at Halloween this year he planted a cross as a fitting memorial.

Terry will be pleased that his memorial was still there at our recent visit.

But a special attendee obviously felt that this achievement deserved much more recognition than just a passing nod to the cross on the spot.

Neil obviously felt that Terry deserved at least a recreation of his efforts and decided to have an attempt but unfortunately, not having Terry’s special skills in digging a big hole, made a decent effort, but it was not on the same scale !

Neil only need 3 of us to help to get him off the grass & back on to the hardstanding !

So Terry, despite your presence being missed, you were there in spirit – and effect !!
IMG_20181203_131135874.jpg IMG_20181203_131145401.jpg IMG_20181203_131159719.jpg IMG_20181203_131221131.jpg


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I think you photoshopped those pics Pat, those troughs looked deeper in real life ha ha


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I couldn’t comment on that Terry after he helped to get me out now could I :)
Not like Bruce to have a guilty conscience. All I got from Bruce while I was adjusting the local terrain, was two finger salute!! :whistle:

Not like Bruce to have a guilty conscience. All I got from Bruce while I was adjusting the local terrain, was two finger salute!! :whistle:
Now Terrence - When have I ever claimed to have a conscience ?????

Plus - you obviously have a defective memory !
Who was it that went to get the troops from the cafe to stop your digging ?? - thats right - me !

I may have deep pockets - but I also have arms that reach to the bottom them with the hands to scrape out the few pennies I have there !

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