Anyone changed shock top mounts?


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Got new front shocks, coils, spring caps and top mounts for my 08 citroen relay.
All from Autodoc using my reg to identify the parts.
This part of the top mount should sit inside the spring cap but it's a good mm too big.
There is a bearing and seal that goes in between. This protrusion is also tapered.

Am I right in thinking that the top mount should rotate on the spring cap?
The old stuff does.
The new spring caps are a little tighter on the old mounts.
Old spring caps won't fit the new mounts.
The new parts took a couple of weeks to arrive so I'm thinking of taking a file to the mount.

Like you I use Autodoc for springs mounts and struts and it all went together no bother that was about 18 months ago + I put 40mm spacers on top of my mounts
Did the top mount just slot into the spring cap without force?
Eurocarparts have got some top mounts. Think I'll go there in the morning and compare
Didn't get a chance to go to eurocarparts but did speak to a mechanic. He said he wouldn't bother sending them back. Just a careful rub with some wet and dry.
After I double checked that they will bolt into the wheel arch I attacked the first one. Left strut now assembled.

Thought I'd replace the drop links before fitting the new shock. Pry bars, puller, blow torch and much cursing. Oh what fun but they're done