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My brother had a Border x Lakeland (FEB she was called - he is a bricklayer hence the name) My St Bernard loved her she was the only one that tug a rope with her round and round her head, she wouldn't give in, tough little thing s he was
Tess could be when she wanted to but she was mainly laid back she loved looking for rabbits when out for a walk and chasing the squirrels in the garden!


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We have a border terrier X Pomeranian, he is a rescue dog as I always said that there are enough dogs out there that needed a loving home, so why spend the money on a breader, yes they all come with a history, and there own little qwerks, but he loves being out in the van, and on cold wet mornings, loves being wrapped up in a blanket ?



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Ours is a rescue. We got her at 7 months old and now she is just over four.
The Dogs Trust supplied her but she has no history apart from being crazy, but then most spaniels are.
We think she is a sprocker but other than that nothing.
A bit timid at times but so gentle and loving._DSC1124.JPG


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I like all dogs, but do particularly like Staffy's, it's just a shame that they have a bad undeserved reputation.

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We have a Staffy crossed with Thailand Ridgeback. The Thailand Ridgeback is leggier than a Staffy and has a red and black tongue. Ours is around 80/20 Staffy to Ridgeback. However, she is leggier, has a ridge down her back and has a red and black tongue. She can be marmite with other dogs, but she loves the attention of humans.

Here is "Gigi" our Staffy X Thailand Ridgeback


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