Beware of arriving @ tunnel early


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Hi we were led if you arrive early you could perhaps get on an earlier crossing if there was one free, we were treated by a very friendly young lady that radioed through for them to come back saying there
was a space free asking for a further £168 on top of want we had paid £174 return ticket which we replied NO then we were told we could not park up any longer than 2 hrs before which was entily different than we were led to believe, we were given an exit pass perhaps it was one of then days has anybody else experienced this
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when you book the times are usually in two hour sections and priced accordingly so if you arrive early you normally get on the first available slot in your section or the one before if cheaper or same price , it sounds as though you were a lot earlier & price slots can vary tremendously


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First time we have used the tunnel we have always used the ferry yes we got there earlier than expected the traffic was good to us but we were told that there was parking perhaps they was thinking of the two hours before which they like you to be there for never mind


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What you have said is what a lot of people have said so Jeff & I thought it would be similar for us , but we did arrive very early we wanted to avoid the London traffic so we needed to get over Barton bridge before 4pm and out ticket on the tunnel wasn't until 6.50am the day after its the parking we are confused about after being told by lots of different people there is parking we finished up going to Dover in a car park for the night not exactly on the door step


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if you pick the first time offered of the four that are available at that price then if you arrive more than 2 hours early they are unable to move you to an earlier without incurring costs. If you arrive over 12hours early then you have no chance.
You would have been better to book a late night crossing 10ish and stopover in Calais


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When we arrived last Friday several hours before booked departure we were offered an early crossing for £130 - so we declined and entered the waiting area. After about 5 minutes there was a knock at the door and we were told we could proceed to departure at no extra cost. We have only been asked to leave and return later on one occasion and that was st Calais at the last weekend of school holidays and in he height of he migrant crisis.


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I arrived early, ok it was a day early but it’s a long way down from Scotland! I was offered an immediate crossing if I paid £95! I pressed the ‘No Thankyou knob’. Didn’t know there was a waiting area, must try that for return, if I do make it early.
It’s some time since I used the tunnel, it’s good, and the automation is fascinating, I think the ‘extra’ charge is just a rip off. If there is a space. Then fill it. We all want to cross and we’ve paid already,


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I arrived so early last year I was turned away (about 7pm for a 10am train the next morning!), but I was able to park up on a POI nearby.

I arrived several hours early this year at the end of June, and they let me travel 4 hours ahead of schedule for £25, which I didn’t think was bad.

I’m a big fan of Eurotunnel; I find it a very civilised way to travel, unlike the airports I normally use to travel further afield.


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Cankt park up for more than two hours!! They made us wait in the car park for ten hours one trip!! We just missed our departure and they said next available is ten hours away, all the car park staff were disgusted at our treatment, it just depends on the mood of the assistant.


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Think it’s just you’re Donald Duck on the day you have to remember it is peak season so they’ll take the piss with prices and if one dafty pays it then they’ll expect it all the time don’t let it put you off the tunnel is the best crossing by far I’ve managed at least 4 hours early but that was at Easter.


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We arrived six hours early one February in the snow, they let us on the next tunnel, no charge. Often arrive an hour or so early and always get put on next train, but we do book the latest of the slots as Pete S advised. I love the tunnel...have arrived fifteen minutes before train and gone straight on....wouldn't get that on the ferry!


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The last time we used the tunnel, we arrived about two hours early and we had to wait for our proper time.
And this was NOT high season!
It was coming home and at Calais
Other times, we have been put onto the next train at the UK side

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